My Love / Have With Technology: DropBox Edition

One of the many things that my mom didn’t have to deal with in the Winelda S. Bishop CPA days was having a cloud-based file storage system.I know this for a fact because one of the annual tasks that dad and I were pulled into involved this waterfall process where current year becomes prior year; […]

Why this formula: Sales – Profit = Expenses

Mathematically this formula is the same one we use for GAAP accounting with a little spin. What you may normally see is Sales – Expenses = Profit but throw algebra at it and you come up with the same thing: Sales – Profit = Expenses This one simple and remember, mathematically sound bit of manipulation […]

Control, Discipline, & Respect

Having spent most of my life in and around martial arts, this mantra was pounded into me at an Americanized Shotokan, dojo from childhood: “control, discipline, respect”. The Japan Karate Association was a bit more formal, even in English the Dojo Kun is: Seek perfection of character!Be Faithful!Endeavour!Respect others!Refrain from violent behavior! There was never […]

How Small Plates Can Save Your Business

I’m sure you’ve heard the stats about how back in the 70’s restaurant proportions were much smaller than they are today, as were waistlines. There’s no going back now and I shudder to think the reviews a restaurant would get today if they went back to the old portion sizes. It should come as no […]

Protecting Your Business During a Crisis?

Think back to New Year’s Day, none of us imagined society would essentially grind to a halt. Right now our natural reaction to suddenly being seeped in uncertainty is to freeze up, hide from the world, and watch Tiger King on Netflix while trying to ignore that tightening in your chest. You can’t hide forever […]