Where ARE We?

Where ARE We?!?! Have you ever planned a big family trip? Bonus points if it’s a road trip? Double bonus points if this road trip involved people coming from different parts of the country. Now if it involved camping in an entirely new place like say Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado, you’ll […]

Business vs Personal Expenses – not quite oil and water but close

The first thing that you do when you start a business is open a checking account. This is a fantastic introduction into the world of entrepreneurship because it turns out to be more complicated, take longer, and cost more than you think it should.Before that, you may have started your business using your personal accounts […]

FREE ESTIMATES?!? Are You Crazy?

I read an article recently that recommended contractors stop providing free estimates. It caught my eye because conventional wisdom is for homeowners to get three estimates before getting any work done.Now granted this is from the perspective of a homeowner and not a contractor. Those three estimates that you are supposed to get cost someone […]

Another Clue

If you’ve seen National Treasure you’ll get the reference. If not then I don’t even feel badly about spoiling it for you because you should have seen it by now. It’s a treasure hunt and every clue leads to “another clue” to the point that the real mystery is whether the clues lead to anything […]

I do my own stunts

“The Website is the window to the soul of the business” William Shakespeare – I may be paraphrasing What I mean by this is that I’m doing this website myself. You may not be surprised to learn this but I thought I’d throw this out here because I’m going to start a section on here […]

The Gig Economy

A year ago bankrate.com reported that almost half of all Americans had some kind of side hustle. Like you’d expect, millennials are leading the pack but gen-x is not far behind and even roughly a quarter of baby boomers have side jobs. I think we’d all love to think that these side gigs are providing […]