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How well do you know your numbers? Tap into the same decision making power Fortune 100 Ceo’s use, customized to your small business in a format that makes sense to you.


Save time and money with full service payroll designed for small business owners.  Our payroll services are cloud based, secure, and come with a mobile friendly employee dashboard. 


Tax Preparation

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was the biggest sweeping change in the tax code since 1986. Take full advantage of every available deduction without having to wade through the entire tax code on your own. 

Cash Management

Have you considered how much time you spend on bill pay processes? Whether it’s chasing down paperwork, reconciling accounts, or stressing about how your cash flow is managed, manual accounting processes could be hindering the growth of your business.


Financial Reviews

Do you need a formal financial statement review?  Because they have to be conducted by a licensed CPA, reviews can be prohibitively expensive for small Businesses. At BA&C, we strive to keep costs down allowing us to perform this essential service at a prices you can afford.

Cloud Based Systems

Our secure virtual accounting systems allow your to access your data in real time how and when you need it. Collaborate on your schedule. Uploading source documents allows your company to go paperless. Access your documents when you need them without searching through file cabinets.