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My Love / Have With Technology: DropBox Edition – Blackberry Accounting & Consulting LLC

One of the many things that my mom didn’t have to deal with in the Winelda S. Bishop CPA days was having a cloud-based file storage system.

I know this for a fact because one of the annual tasks that dad and I were pulled into involved this waterfall process where current year becomes prior year; prior year becomes Y2 and so on until the files were ultimately shredded to my great delight.

The shredder would jam because I’d try to stuff massive amounts of paper in at once then hitting reverse would scatter bits of paper all over the office. Big Mess

The point is that all that mess is in the cloud now and in order to work remotely, I need clients ahem (YOU) to be able to share files with me.

The solution is a system called DropBox that meets all the criteria as far as security and accessibility. When it works, its just like having a folder right on your desktop where you and I can share files.

In practice though what I have found is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I set out this weekend to resolve the issue, feeling pretty sure it was setup related.  

To cut to the chase, in order to get the FULL benefit of sharing folders I need my client (YOU) to have a DropBox account.

It does not matter if this is a personal account (free of charge) or a business account. If you already have a DropBox account then we just need to make sure that I have the same email address that you use to log in.

Quick note: If you are just SURE you have a DropBox account but you’ve lost that email, it really might be easier to just get a new account on whatever email you gave me.

If you do not have a DropBox account, I recommend you get the free personal version. Other than making it easier for me, it’s nice to have a place to save 2 gigs of whatever it is that you want to save in a secure folder that you can access from anywhere.

If you want to take a look, they sell themselves pretty well and you can go ahead and get started:

On my whiteboard is a list of things I need to do. One item on that list is to create a setup guide. If anything looks weird or you have any questions along the way, let me know what they are so I’ll know what to include in my guide.